There are certain steps to follow before you print your t-shirts online. The first step is to design the t-shirts and then follow other steps follow. The steps are below. 

Design the t-shirt 

Graphic design can be used in designing t-shirts. One such software to use for it is Corel Draw, with Corel Draw, you can design a custom t-shirt. With Corel Draw, you may use premade designs. Corel Draw has 3 patterns for making graphic tee for your t-shirt. They are below: 

By filling objects to its path 

'Fit objects To Objects To Path' is an extension of Corel Draw. With it you can fit any part you choose for it and customise you place it. 

Using Pointilizer 

Pointilizer is an extension of Corel Draw that lets you make artistic designs, patterns and mosaics. To begin designing a bitmap format or vector and then import it to Corel Draw. You can adjust the settings and tap on apply. This can give a quality design. 

Impact Effects 

Impact effects is another extension for adding movement and action to a design. It is an extension that has 2 effect styles which are Parallel and Radial. You can use Radial effects for adding focus or perspective on an element. Parallel effects denote motion and energy. 

Improving quality 

Certain t-shirts are fashion brands and have more quality. Make the t-shirts with higher quality by using relevant weight, fit, size, pre-shrunk, softness and colt on type. Get relevant blanks and check them out with a dryer and washer. Put them on and check out how durable they are. 

3 things to consider when designing t-shirts are: 


Check out the trends for designing. Get meaningful designs. 


People go for brands. What is your brand story? What does it represent? What does your brand tell users? 


Who are the t-shirts meant for? Knowing your audience helps you to make a decent design. 

Setting up your store 

The fastest and most efficient way to set up your store is to use platforms like Shopify. Shopify has a free trial for its users. Another advantage of using Shopify is that you connect the store with drop shippers. Drop shippers handles the packaging, processing and printing. 

Another option is that you can use Shopify to set up the store, but the duty of fulfilment, packaging and printing is yours. 

Promoting t-shirts after design 

Use of social media 

You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Social media help you to reach out to people. These points below can help: 

i) Practice PPC advertising 

This is functional for a particular market. 

ii) Offer samples to families and friends so they can wear it and upload the photo. 

iii) Become part of groups that talk about t-shirts. 

iv) Post quality images. Do not use photos of low resolution. 

v) Get in touch with blogs and websites and talk to them on promoting your t-shirts business.