3. Convert Visitors to Leads 

To convert visitors into prospects, it is essential to offer quality content that meets their needs and issues. It is also in this part that SEO comes into play.

Your content, to be read, must be well referenced on search engines. In fact, be aware that in B2B, the purchasing journey takes place in 94% of cases on the Internet.

There are also marketing tools that help you convert visitors into prospects, such as:    

  • The conversion tunnels that automate the process of converting a visitor into lead    
  • The calls-to-actions that encourage the visitor to click on a link.    
  • The landing pages that promote a publication and encourage the visitor to fill out a contact form.    

These strategies are effective if the content offered is relevant to your target. Always listen to the needs of your target.  

4. Turn Your Prospects into Customers 

Last step for your business: Transform your prospects into customers! To do this, once again rely on your content and especially on the right time to distribute it. Indeed, this step must be personalized as much as possible to seduce your target.

During this step, you must:     

  • Send relevant and targeted content for each type of prospect  
  • Analyse trends 
  • Stay on standby in your market to adapt your content 
  • Use multi-channel strategies for example, flyer printing and distribution and internet.
  • Follow the progress of prospects in sales  
  • Carry out personalized e-mailing campaigns.