4. Make It Legible 

If you include written information on your stickers, make sure that you choose the right font size, spacing, and type for it!  In making sticker, it is absolutely important to do because if the information is difficult to read and understand, then you may fail to transmit the information on your stickers to the audience or reader. Because of that, you can set the font size minimally in 10pt, use a comfortable and easy-to-read font, also choose a space that makes every word and letter easy to read! 

5. The Bleed 

To create a good sticker, you need to set the bleed on your sticker design. Bleed is an extra colour that goes beyond the edge of stickers. But why is it important to set the bleed? That is because the bleed gives you some small area for doing error when cutting the stickers. Usually, people add 1 to 3 mm of bleed for their sticker design!    

6. Print Quality Determines the Appearance of Your Sticker 

If you expect to have nice-looking stickers, considering the print quality should be one of your priorities! Print quality determines the result of your stickers, so choose the best and affordable printing service such as Singapore sticker printing is recommended for you.    

7. Make Samples Before Massive Production 

If you want to print your sticker design at Singapore sticker printing on a large scale, then you must make a few samples first! By doing so, you can minimize the risk of producing the wrong sticker which can make you lose financially.