For some people, laptops are no longer only the gadget that helps them in doing their things. Some people may think that their laptops can be a medium to express themselves or their laptop is something more personal for them. That is why you may encounter some laptops that are more attractive and unique because their owners personalised the laptop using different types of sticker designs.   

But what kind of Singapore stickerdesign do people like to put on their laptop? 

To be honest, there will be tons of laptop sticker designs for answering this question. But, let's discuss some of them below!   

1. Cartoon 

Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Garfield, SpongeBob, and Power Puff Girls are just a few famous cartoon characters that are usually adapted to be laptop stickers. Yes, cartoons are one of the themes for designing stickers that attract many people not only because cartoons are fun, but also because cartoons evoke memories and nostalgia. That is why you may find some university students in their 20s still sticking Winnie the Pooh stickers on their laptops.  


"Yes, you absolutely can do this!" is one example of a quote made as a laptop sticker. People love quotes for many reasons, from motivating, inspiring, empowering, reminding or even encouraging them. Therefore, you may often see some people sticking quotes stickers on their laptops.