3. Logo 

This is one of the sticker designs that most of us frequently see on laptops. But why? First, it is probably because stickers are one of the most widely used marketing materials, and many businesses give their stickers for free. Besides, another possible reason people put stickers on their laptops because they have their own favourite brand. 

4. Identity 

Another sticker design that you probably will see on the laptop is that the stickers that show identity. But what do identity stickers look like? Maybe some of you have seen something like "I am a coffee addict", "Harvard Class of 2022" or "I'm a proud graphic designer". All of them are actually only a few of the many examples of identity stickers.  

5. Famous Characters 

Many people love Avenger movies and they love the characters in the films. Not only about the Avengers, basically, most of us also have our favourite characters from various movies or maybe novels. Because of that, famous characters are one of the stickers designs that people love to put on their laptops.  

6. Campaign 

"Save our planet!", "Equality for all", or "Keep social distancing" are a few stickers that you may find stick on certain laptops. Since several people have concerns about some issue like global warming or equality, that can make them place the campaign sticker on their laptops to spread the message to the people who see it.  

Well, all of the points above are just a small part of the sticker designs. Actually, there are still a lot of laptop sticker designs that you can make out there. Finally, I hope this article can help you to get more information, especially about Singapore stickers for laptops.