A sticker is an object that can be affixed to a flat or curved surface. Stickers can contain information in the form of pictures and writing, or it's either of those two. Its use varies, from products that we use every day, to electronic goods. Its versatile function makes stickers Singapore popular among many people from any age or background. From young to old, almost everyone is familiar with what stickers are. Maybe you are thinking, how do stickers make a product look better? Find it in the following article. 

1. Added Value 

Added value is a condition in which a product or service has significant advantages. This can be seen if you compare similar products. One product without added value, and the other that has been given 'something'. In case this is a sticker, it cannot be denied that stickers in most cases add value to something to the product. For example, a liquid soap product for bathing, on a liquid soap package that is added with a sticker, the sticker can serve to indicate or recognizing the brand name, composition/ingredients, expiry dates, manufacturer, and others. Unlike the case with bath soap products with the same packaging, but there are no stickers that show the same thing. This is what the stickers are trying to lift to add value to a product. 

2. Nice Design and Colour

The design and colour of a sticker is become something that is inseparable. Where there is design, a colour is sure to follow. Even if it's only black or white, they go hand in hand. A sticker that has a design and colour will look catchier and pleasing to the eye. If you want to design a sticker, you might want to have a bleed area depending on how you printed it. Also, you have to set the CMYK with the K arranged to 100. That way, you can get the sticker results that are tidier and sharper in colour.