As you may have noticed, everything seems to be more compact nowadays, from shows that were 30 minutes down to 15 minutes, to entire seasons you can binge watch in a single afternoon; advertisements are often less than 30 seconds long, and even then many places you see ads on will let you skip them five seconds in. 

This means that everything relies less on bringing as much information as possible, and more on being easily recognizable. This is where repetition and placement works best, and sticker printing can help an advertiser focus on those two aspects. 

By placing stickers with logos, offers, slogans or other icons related to a brand, you can subtly become an integral part of the background. This may not sound like much, but the effects are subliminal in nature. 

Scientific studies have analyzed how merely seeing colors can influence behavior: blue calms people, red makes them more impulsive, pink makes them docile and yellow alerts them. Red and yellow are an integral part of many fast food chains because that combination opens up the appetite of people. 

This is not limited to just colors. Symbols, patterns and designs can also induce different reactions. Sharper angles tend to raise alertness, for example. By seeing the same company logo in the background twenty times a day, you will inevitably end up thinking about that company without knowing why.