There are all kinds of ways you can use stickers to help your business soar. First of all, if you don’t have business cards, go ahead and buy some — just make sure they come with a sticky backing. You can order them in just about any size, and in any shape.

A good tip for making these sticky little treasures unique to other businesses in your community — make them a different shape and size than traditional cards. Go round instead of square and go big instead of just the normal, tiny little business card you get at a shop. Your sticker business card won’t get lost in the shuffle of a wallet because it’ll be too busy sticking to something for people to see! 

Your best option when choosing a sticker printing company is to find one that offers a low minimum order quantity. You want to be able to create large quantities of custom stickers without having to pay out too much money for printers that use expensive inks.

Paying too much money upfront can set-up your sticker printing ideas for financial problems in the future. A good idea is to find a printer that offers discounts for bulk orders or a coupon program for clients who buy in large quantities. 

Before choosing a printer, the best quality printing head should be considered. Each printer has its own unique inks that they recommend using in their stickers. You need to make sure that you use the recommended inks in all of your projects. It is important that you take into account the environment in which the products will be used.

Inks that are not suited to the particular ink solution that is used in a certain environment may not be the best choice. Be sure to ask the customer representatives about the types of inks that they recommend for your project. 

The final cost for your stickers will depend on the number of custom stickers that you need to print. For each sticker printing that you print, this number will go up. Generally speaking, the larger the quantity that you print, the more it will cost to print custom stickers per roll.

If you only need a few stickers, this will not effect your sticker printing budget too much. However, if you need a large volume of custom stickers, you might consider spending more money in order to reduce the overall cost per roll. 

In addition to business cards, just a simple sticker with your business’ contact information and website address can be a great marketing tool. Since you’re buying in bulk anyway (Hey, that’ll save you a lot of money! Most companies give discounts for bigger orders!) so that all of your employees will have some stickers to give out, getting enough to close up shopping bags just makes perfect sense!

You can even turn them into labels for your products, name tags for your staff, or a great little surprise when parents bring their kids into your business. 

There are several methods that you can use to create your custom stickers. When you choose to print custom stickers online, you will want to consider the different ways that you can save money when dealing with online printers.

Many online printing companies provide customers with a coupon or discount code that will save them money if they purchase their stickers from their website. This can help you to get your custom sticker sheets at an affordable price and help you to get the job done quickly.