There are so many different cultures and subcultures today, focusing on different styles, art forms, or even specific franchises. This has led to people all over the world being able to share their interests with one another on an unprecedented level.  

Someone from Japan might make art depicting a character from French media, and be appraised by fellow fans from Argentina, Russia or Canada; people from so far away, united in a single interest. This makes for richer communities, attracting talents from anywhere in the world, adding their distinct styles, combining them with the source material. 

Of course, showing pieces of art from your interests is a good way to attract attention from people who share that interest, or to introduce new people to said interest. One method that is clean and practical is sticker printing, which let you put them in your possessions as you want. 

A Small Identification, A Big Entryway 

Surely, you must have seen someone with a sticker on their phone or laptop, with the name or logo design of a band they like, or maybe a character from a popular movie. This is in essence a declaration of interests.  

They are showing what they like, unlike articles of standard clothing; perhaps they only chose a particular shirt featuring a logo because they needed something in that color. However, acquiring a sticker and placing it somewhere visible is an active choice, just like wearing pins, or even tattoos. 

As a result of using sticker printing, a coworker or new acquaintance may take notice, and you will find out they also enjoy that subculture. Alternatively, someone might be curious as to what that peculiar symbol means. A short explanation later, that show you like may have a new fan! 

Such a small, simple thing, can be the gateway to an enjoyable subculture, bringing all new perspectives and talents into it as well.