If you are thinking of hiring a sticker printing service provider, there are certain things you should keep in mind. 

The main ones are your needs, the style or design you want for your stickers, and even the printing methods. 

Today we will talk about that last factor. Many people don't know it, but there is an excellent list of options for printing their stickers. 

Each of the alternatives has its own characteristics and offers different benefits. Therefore, it is essential to know each one to choose the most suitable for us. 

And we have good news: here we will tell you everything you need to know about it. Read on and discover valuable information! 

High-End Standard Digital Printing 

High-end printing is excellent for sticker and decal projects, allowing brand or business owners to print up to 5,000 stickers printed.

Furthermore, this printing technique is fully compatible with die-cut designs. 

Although high-quality printing may take longer, the results are worth it. 

Compared to standard printing, it is ideal for smaller batches or stickers that do not require a high level of precision, such as straight-cut decals or labeling products. 

Flexographic Printing 

Among all the options, flexographic printing takes the longest. However, it works great for projects of 10,000 or more. 

This type of printing is modeled after the older printing press and uses plates to produce highly detailed, high-quality prints. 

Another great advantage of this printing method is that it can be used to print stickers on almost any material. 

Large Format Printing

This is the most versatile type of print out there and can be used for just about anything, including billboards or small cut-to-size stickers. 

While other methods offer higher quality results, such as high-end digital printing, this option is excellent for small-batch printing or for projects that need a quick fix. 

Hot-Stamped Stickers 

The hot-stamped stickers are ideal for metallic paper images or simple decals with only one or two colors. 

These stickers' production time can also last around a week, but the results are usually flawless. 

Stickers printed with this technique are perfect for high-class products. 


Before choosing the printing method for your stickers, you should also consider other aspects such as material and shape. You cannot decide to use a printing method without first defining your stickers' main characteristics. 

Ask any questions you have to the sticker printing service provider. Asking the right questions can prevent huge costs from errors or reprinting in the future. 

Always do a test print before printing in bulk. If you can't print using any of the methods you want to use, ask the sticker printing service to do it for you! It is better to pay for an extra single print than to pay for a full reprint process. 

Final Thoughts 

Stickers can help you take your brand or company to the next level, but, as with any other tool, you must be careful when choosing stickers printing services. 

Read all the options in this post, pay close attention to each one's characteristics, and find the best one for you!