With an advertising view, what would be more appropriate than using flyers? Or would you prefer stickers? Or maybe even both? We have compiled the facts for you and show below how important flyers and stickers are for your project. 

There are a lot of arguments in favor of flyers. But there are at least as many who make it clear that nothing works without stickers. 

Flyers as an Advertising Media 

Flyers are the so-called classics among advertising materials. Resourceful entrepreneurs have been using these little "helpers" for decades to advertise or disseminate information about specific offers.  

Flyers are usually handy and compact, and they are characterized by the fact that the message or the relevant information is kept short and concise. At the same time, the text and content are designed to be clear and appealing. 

This well-thought-out design primarily serves to ensure that the information content "arrives" in a targeted manner. The reader can process and internalize the written material more efficiently.  

You can also explain the essential points about the advertised offer in more detail in a flyer. In this way, the uniqueness of the advertised offer moves further into focus. 

Flyers vs. Stickers 

The fact is that advertising letters and flyers that come to your house by post, for example, often remain on the filing basket for the time being. And if things go particularly wrong, they end up in the trash after a while. It looks similar if you have flyers distributed in the pedestrian zone, shopping centers, or parking lots. You can observe how the recipients see the messages and take a quick look at it - and then the flyer disappears into the nearest public trash. 

At such moments, nobody thinks about how complex it was to conceptualize the texts and graphics or how expensive it was to produce and print.  

With just one movement, the excellent piece lands carelessly in a wastepaper basket on the corner. In contrast, stickers are a lot more sustainable. And not only that: 

- Stickers are usually small and compact. 

- Sticker printing service are everywhere 

- They feel good. 

- Their haptics makes them stand out from conventional flyers. 

It is precisely this aspect that plays a significant role in humans, even if only subliminally. Because many people often find things that are different from being attractive. 

In this context, figuratively speaking, flyers are nothing more than plain paper or cardboard. Who is taking a closer look? This is different with stickers. They differ from the paper in several ways. Among other things, through size, format, and feel. But there is another crucial aspect that distinguishes stickers from flyers in terms of their value. 

Stickers as An Advertising 

Did you know that stickers have been used since the 1940s? Even back then, people already knew what was good.  

The sticker printing quality from the past was undoubtedly not as good as the modern, high-quality as now. However, there has been a remarkable development from then to now, which is simply amazing.  

So you know stickers from your childhood, don't you? Stickers have been and are present almost everywhere since they have existed.  

For example, we are talking about collection boxes for kids, advertising highlights for dishwashing detergents, toys, cosmetics or electronic items, etc. In general, the industry has always been extremely creative when it comes to advertising, and so you knew that the little ones would be the affluent customers of tomorrow.