Today, most people have so many things to do in their daily life. Therefore, some people may feel overwhelmed by these things. But, to overcome that issue, more and more people are trying to be productive nowadays. By doing so, they hope to do more in less time and spend the rest of their time doing hobbies or enjoying time with family or friends. But what can people do to be productive? 


Actually, if we talk about productivity, you can find hundreds of tips about it on the internet or book store. But, one of those many tips, there is one thing that can help people develop their personal organization, we call it a bullet journal. 


Talking about the bullet journal, there is one element that is quite necessary, namely stickers.  


What makes stickers necessary and important for bullet journals?  


Maybe some of the points below can help you find the answer! 


1. Step Up the Aesthetic Level of Your Bullet Journal 

Most people who use bullet journals try to make their books as aesthetic as possible. They draw pretty things and write in beautiful handwriting. But that is not enough, because most of them also decide to use stickers to make their journals more pleasing to the eye. 


There are various decorative stickers for bullet journals from floral themed stickers to famous cartoon characters, or would you like to make your own designs? Yes, you can create your own stickers and go to a sticker printing service for that! But don't worry if you cannot design yours since you will always have a choice to buy them. One more thing, there are tons of printable bullet journal stickers you can use on the internet, and most of them are legal to print and use personally.  


2. Stickers Help You Express Yourself! 

Have you ever heard that an image or picture describes more than hundreds of words? That is what I mean by the sticker on the bullet journal! People use it to express themselves better because sometimes we find that words cannot describe how we feel. Besides, you can use sticker to express your idea in decorating your own bullet journal! 


3. Simplify 

The benefit of using stickers on a bullet journal is that stickers can help you to plan your journal more easily. How? Here are a few details about that!  

  • Want to make beautiful hand-lettering for writing the name of the day or month? Don't worry if you can't write it yourself because you can use stickers for that. 

  • You don't have to create something from scratch. For examples, you don't need to draw multiple lines to create a habit tracker for tracking your soda consumption. There are lots of habit tracking stickers o buy or print on the internet.  

  • If you are not very good at drawing and are thinking of other alternatives, then stickers are a great choice. So, you don't have to draw objects in your journal yourself. 

  • Applying stickers can save more time! 

  • and many more!