What do You Think about the Stickers?

Something colourful with cute illustrators? Something with adhesive on one of its side? or maybe some kind of interesting toy for kids?

Actually, stickers are familiar to most of us! But stickers are much more than just colourful labels with cute illustrators, types of adhesive paper, or toys.

Basically, a sticker is a type of adhesive label that is usually pictorial. It is used and applied to so many objects and for various purposes. But what makes people decide to use stickers?

That is a good question but quite difficult to answer as there are tons of reasons for people use stickers. But some of them could be due to the ease of making process and sticker printing, affordable price, versatility, and many more!

Then what can actually be made and done with stickers as previously mentioned that stickers are more than we thought?

Here are a few things you can do and make with stickers!

1. Product Label

One of the biggest sticker applications is on product labels. There are immense products that have labels attached to the packaging. But what are the main reasons for applying product labels?

The main reason for implementing product labels is to inform people what is printed on the label. Some information that usually printed on product labels is about the brands, size, flavour, ingredients, and many more!

2. Digital Stickers Show Your Expression!

We live in a digital era, when technology becomes part of our daily lives and changes the way how we live, including our way of communicating and expressing ourselves! Today, you may find that people use stickers in digital form to express themselves to others when communicating, especially on social media! A picture or image expresses and says more than hundreds of words, maybe that can describe why people love to express their feelings with stickers when they communicate on social media.

3. Bullet Journal

Do you know what a bullet journal is? Well, a bullet journal is an item of the personal organization that can be used to organize schedules, to-do lists, reminders, and other organizational tasks into only a single book. But what can we do with stickers then?

Stickers are one of the essential parts of a bullet journal. First, it can be a decoration item and make the journal more attractive. Second, stickers are used to indicate a position or progression for example in a mood tracker.

4. Decoration

We mentioned before that stickers can be used to decorate a bullet journal, right? But that is not enough! Stickers can be used to decorate various things or items. For instances, you can make your laptop more artistic by decorating it with stickers. Want to know more about what items people decorated the most using stickers? Here are some of the popular items that people love to decorate with stickers!

  • Bottle
  • Vehicle
  • Helmet
  • Phone case
  • Mirror
  • And many more!

5. Merchandise

There are many more things that can be done and made with stickers. But for the last point now, let's talk about making stickers as merch.

If you are thinking of a small business idea with minimal capital, then you might consider selling stickers. But what kind of stickers can be sold? It depends on you! For instance, if your target market is gen Z, you might think about selling stickers with K-Pop illustration, bullet journal stickers, or stickers that can be used to decorate laptop and phone cases.