If there is a question asking "what can we make with stickers?" 

Then the answer is "many things" 

Yes, since a sticker is versatile, we can make a lot of things using it! We can make it as a toy, product label, brand sticker, decoration, campaign tools, or even marketing material! 

Another special thing about sticker is that it is easy to own. You can have it by buying or making it! Actually, both of them are not difficult to do. Why? First, there are lots of offline and online shop that sell stickers. Second, the process of making sticker is quite easy! So, which one would you prefer? Buy or make your own sticker?  

If you are a bit confused about what to choose, you might need to read some of the information below! 


There are a few things you need to know about buying stickers. Here are some of them!  

1. Save Your Time and Energy 

If you are busy and have no time to make your own sticker, then buying stickers can be the best option for you. By buying stickers, you don't need to spend your time and energy to create the design, find and buy sticker materials, print, and cut the sticker.  

2. Various Designs! 

The good thing about buying stickers is that there are lots of various sticker design that you can choose to buy, from sticker with floral design, idol stickers, quotes stickers, to cartoon stickers! So, since there are tons of sticker designs out there, you have a variety of options to choose from!  

3. Limited Stock 

Unfortunately, buying sticker is not always a good choice. Why? Because you cannot buy it as much as you can. Some businesses only produce a limited quantity for their stickers, so once all the stickers have been sold, you will no longer be able to find and buy the same stickers.   


So, after talking about buying stickers, let's move on to talk about making stickers now. Here are a few things you need to know about it! 

1. You Are Free! 

The first benefit of making stickers is that you are free to decide and design your own stickers. You can create cartoon stickers, toys stickers, or even brand and packaging sticker for businesses. So, we can say that once you decide to make your stickers, you have the freedom to create what your sticker will be! 

2. Affordable 

Compared to buying stickers, the price of making stickers is more affordable. If you have a printer for printing sticker, then you're only spending your money on materials and ink. However, if you don't have a sticker printer, don't worry, because there are many stickers printing services such as Singapore sticker printing that can help you print your sticker designs. Again, don't worry about the price, usually the more sticker you print prints, the cheaper the price you get! So, even you print your sticker at a printing service, you will still get a lower price than buying it!  

3. You Will Need Time to Make a Sticker 

Creating stickers gives you the freedom to decide what your sticker will look like, and it is a good choice to save your money. But unfortunately, once you decide to make a sticker, you should be ready to spend your time and energy to make it!