Are you looking for alternatives to Netflix for your next movie night? We introduce you to some streaming portals that you can use for free or paid. 


Are you a lover of old movies? Then is just right for you. It has been on the internet since the beginning of 2020. It is not to be confused with the illegal streaming platform Popcorn Time. 

This is what offers: On this site, you have access to several thousand films from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria from the last hundred years. sees itself as a film archive. The site helps older films to be digitized and thus preserved. The whole thing is also financed through advertising. 

It's worth it for that: Whether old Sherlock Holmes films, silent films, or westerns - friends of old classics will find something here. 

What it costs: It's free. 

#2 is a trendy alternative to Netflix if you're looking for series and short informational videos. (Photo: Screenshot: 

A somewhat unusual Netflix alternative is This site sees itself as the content network of the public television broadcasters ARD and ZDF and is financed by the GEZ fees. That is why there is no advertising on this website. is aimed primarily at young people between the ages of 14 and 29. 

This Is What Funk.Net Offers: Various short or longer videos, but also series or short reports that want to entertain or inform. Many videos can also be found on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. 

But It's Worth It: This Netflix alternative is not ad-supported. describes its content as being independent of political or financial influences. We also recommend for another reason: Here, you will find many videos on current topics such as sustainability, environmental protection, or ideas for a minimalist and conscious lifestyle.