As an artist, you often want to show your work and share it with the world. Some art forms have an easier time than others. Musicians can easily share their work, but how can those more focused on visual arts show others what they do? 

If you are not able to take a large painting with you, sticker printing can allow you to bring a small replica of your work wherever you go. A good artwork on the back of your phone may catch your friend’s eye, and you can imagine their surprise when you tell them you made that art! 

You can turn any design, be it an emblem, symbol or even character, into an artistic sticker printing that you can place on any surface you want. Depending on the art style, the translation from artwork to sticker can be extremely intuitive, or it could present significant challenges. 

The best part about it is the fact that you will then have many stickers of your art, working as a sort of seal of identity from you. The stickers can provide both artistic value and satisfaction, and could even impress people to the point of requesting commissions, if the art is of high quality and you are so inclined. 

Adapting Your Art To a Compact Size 

Depending on what style you work with, you may have to make some concessions. For instance, if you focus on landscapes or skylines, you will have a tough time. However, there are some stylistic choices that can still work well. For instance, a fantasy or sci-fi building, or for real styles, like Art Deco, can be cropped out and stand alone as a sticker.