Company chop is a familiar thing you know, right? This is because company chop functions as authentication for certain types of documents. This document can be found in our daily lives easier. Usually, company chops are made of various materials, one of which is rubber. A secretary will also be very familiar with a company chop or rubber stamps. 

What are the things in a company chop? It can vary from one another, based on any organization or company's needs. But basically, information such as registration numbers, details of a representative or contact number, address, and logo. Company chop needs to be made well because it is the first 'gate' of company / organizational documents through a bureaucratic route. The legality aspect also plays an important role in the availability of a company chop. 

There are things you need to avoid when creating a company chop: 

1. Lack of Information 

When you want to create a company chop in company chop Singapore, you must enter as much detail as possible. Not like sentences in details, but more like I mentioned before, that includes the essentials. Things like logos and names are important things that should not be overlooked in your company chop. The lack of information will cause you to be less noticeable and harder to reach all called out if there should be something that needs to be discussed by related parties. 

2. Unclear Logo 

Since it represents your company/organization, the existence of a logo is the first thing to consider. There is no exact composition that you need to follow, however, provide enough space for the logo to be visible enough by anyone who will see it. If you make the logo too small, it will be hard to be noticed, as well as if it is too big, then other information will not be enough to load and make the content on the company chop overlap and cramped. 

3. Texts and Numbers That Are Difficult to Read 

Based on the companies' act, the registration number of a company needs to be easily visible in all important elements. This includes correspondence, account statements, invoices, official notices, and other forms of publication that need to be accompanied by a signature. That way, nothing is 'hidden' and everything is transparent and easy to read. If the opposite happens, it will be difficult to read and less likely to be approved or even trusted as an official element. 

4. Less Neat Design  

Design, in this case, is closely related to various other elements. You need to arrange the placement of the logo and writing in such a way as to be proportional. A rule of thumb is that the logo will have a dominant percentage in the use of space in a company chop. Followed by the detailed writing that surrounds it. 

5. Only Certain Personnel Can Use It 

Careless use of company chops in the work environment or outside the work environment needs to be avoided. This is because there are legal aspects that exist in a company chop. And you certainly don't want it to fall into the wrong hands.