A logo is a graphic mark or symbol that has a specific meaning and represents an organization or company. This logo usually contains elements such as a name or other symbol that represents it. If you are going to create a logo design, you need to know the following things that you need to avoid. 

1. Copycat and Plagiarize the Design 

The design that you want to make needs to be made carefully. You are strongly advised to make your own design. If you are still a little confused, you can use a sufficient number of references from various sources. This is to prevent you from creating the same concept as the sources you see. You also need to pay attention in detail to every element that makes up the design logo. This is to avoid plagiarism in the future because there will be aspects of legality and reputation that you are at stake if you copy the design in a way that similar to other brands, or even pretty the same. 

2. Unclear Intention 

Creating a logo design needs to be done specifically. Including planning it which is also important. You also need to clearly define the logo of the design. For example, if you want to introduce a sports equipment brand, then you might want to put some elements of fitness and sports equipment on your logo design. Likewise, with food or beverage brands, make sure the logo design is catchy enough to catch customer attention, accompanied by appetizing ads. 

3. Cluttered and Cramped 

An untidy and too 'full' design will make the logo less noticeable for those who see it. Besides, the delivery of information through a logo that is created will not run very efficiently because the logo is difficult to read and won't be as engaging. We recommend that you use the right proportions for the image and writing on the logo that is made. You can use the proportion of 50% writing: 50% drawing, 70% writing: 30% drawing if in this case, the name (writing) is your priority. Or vice versa, it all depends on your needs. Make sure you also discuss with a Singapore logo design if you use their services. Brainstorming with your business partners is also a good thing to do to make sure that you're on the same page. 

4. Colour Combination 

You should avoid the combination of vibrant colours together in one design area. This is because a striking colour is uncomfortable on the eyes, causing consumers to be less likely to notice it. You should pay attention to how colour affects the brand and its logo. For the selection itself, you can take advantage of the thousands of colour pallets available online. If you use the services of a graphic designer, then you should consult with him/her in detail about this. Because each colour represents something and the value you want to convey about the brand itself. 

5. Trend Driven 

Things you need to avoid when creating a logo design. The trend is something that is created and artificial. Meanwhile, logo designs made based on the organization/company's values ​​and goals will last for a lifetime.