If we talk about networking, then we might discuss about networking tools. Today, there are tons of networking tools that can be used, from digital to conventional ones. Some of the popular digital networking tools are LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Instagram. But for the conventional tools, most of us must be familiar with business cards or name cards, right 

Today, as technology digitizes most things in our lives, including networking tools, are conventional networking tools still relevant to use? Is it still necessary to have a business card or name card? 

Yes, of course! 

But why? What makes conventional networking tools such as name cards still relevant to use today?  

Here are a few reasons that may answer the question!   

1. Business Cards Are Part of the Culture 

First thing first, business cards are still relevant because, in some countries, business cards are part of their cultures! If we find out what culture is, then we may find that culture is the characteristic or a way of life of a particular group or people. That is why, since business cards are part of their way of life, business cards are something that necessary to own. Because of that, business cards Singapore are still relevant!  

2. Professionalism 

Business cards or business cards are a business practice that has been carried out for a long time. That is why for some people, having a business card can make them look more prepared and professional. Who doesn't want to be looked professional, right? Plus, although there are lots of digital networking tools today, business cards have a more formal impression at the beginning of introducing yourself to others.