3. Exchange Information Faster 

Exchanging phone numbers with other people at the conference may sound convenient. But, if you are in a hurry and only have a short amount of time, asking and giving others your and their numbers is not a good idea. That is why, even though you can give and ask others for your and their email or phone number, a business card is still the best networking tool that can help people to share not only their phone numbers but also their contact details in a very short time. Or maybe, it doesn't even take you a minute to exchange the card with another. Therefore, business cards are still relevant today! 

4. A Printed Business Card Is a Gateway to Digital Networking 

Usually, people will include their phone number, email, social media, or website on their business card. This is actually a good thing because detailing the contact details on the card can be a gateway to make digital networking. So, even though a business card is one of the conventional networking tools, it can open up opportunities for networking in the digital world.  

5. Not Everyone Is Active on Social Media 

Maybe you see lots of people busy with their smartphones or laptops all day long. But that doesn't mean all people are active on social media. Some people choose not to use social media. That is why you still need to own your business card Singapore instead of asking people for networking on their LinkedIn account.