The cost of a relaunch naturally depends on innumerable factors. It can be the size of the company or the brand awareness. 

However, the following should be considered: Even the design of a new logo quickly devours five-digit sums. When it comes to creating new advertising material, remodeling the company website, and all other factors, the costs can approach the total value of all assets.

Nevertheless, if you save on the relaunch, you risk everything! Sufficient capital should be planned and organized to finance the project.  

In the case of small companies that perhaps only operate as a sideline, this is still relatively easy to manage and can sometimes even be processed anonymously if you choose a loan without consulting the credit bureau. 

Complete Planning and Calculation 

If a brand has been around for a long time, it is normal for it to "fray" a little. Perhaps there is a little bit different communication in the social networks than in flyer printing

This happens because it is inevitable that there will be slight invisible changes overtime at first glance. And in a way, they are part of the problem because they make the brand look "round."  

If you already make such an effort, the target group should be enthusiastic to the greatest possible extent. And one of the most important means of doing this is called stringency. The entire appearance of the new brand must be from a single source: 

If the logo is positioned on the top left of the new website following the applicable rules, it should also be there on flyers, newspaper advertisements, etc. 

If the URL is written entirely in uppercase on shipping boxes, it must not appear in lowercase anywhere else. 

If you have decided on a standard of product descriptions, a style of product photos, this will continue to be followed for everything in the future. 

To put it simply: everything has to be done the same everywhere on all channels. Admittedly, this is a difficult task that takes up a lot of time and requires care because of the many details. 

Volkswagen, for example, recently only redesigned its logo and therefore has to remove around 70,000 old emblems from buildings alone. However, in return, it is the opportunity to "cut off old braids" and start with a fresh and highly professional corporate look.