You are well aware of what is a company chop, right? Yes, because it's probably one of many offices needs that you often see. As the name implies, company chop is used as a legal matter that is put on a document. Between one company chop and another company chop, of course, it is different depending on each of the companies. In addition to the authorities having the right to use company chops, assigned staff can also use them. As long as it is a legal matter, then the documents need to be marked with the company chop with the approval of the competent authority. These authorities include directors, department heads, secretaries, finance division, and others. 

There are things you need to pay close attention to when you want to create a Singapore company chop. What are they? Check out the following article. 

Let's assume that you're about to make your start-up company chop for carrying legal docs to other companies and government or any interested parties. Then you need to prepare a logo and writing your company name. You put the information neatly and in order, that way, it will be easier for recipients to recognize you. The second thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the company chop. 

There are various shapes and sizes that you can use. Depending on the design results, the placement of the logo, and the writing that you make. The shape starts from a circle, with writing made in a position to fill the space in the circle. Usually, the writing is all around, and the logo is placed in the centre position. In addition, you can also use square, rectangle, or oval shapes with adjustments to the position of the logo and writing according to the shape used. 

Possible sizes that can be your reference are as follows: square with the smallest of 17mmx17mm and the biggest with 43mmx43mm. The oval shape with the size of 55mmx35mm and 44mmx28mm. The rectangle shape with 30mmx20mm through 60mmx40mm. These measurements are not the only measurements that you can use as references, you can find plenty of sizes that might suit you more. 

The next thing you need to consider is the company chop material that you want to use. An old-style company chop that is made from wood is easy to make and relatively makes a good grip. But you might want to choose a material besides wood, and pick a plastic, aluminium, or a combination of both materials instead. Usually, materials other than wood will last longer, and be easier in terms of maintenance. You also don't need to worry if it's stored in direct sunlight or a damp place. Since a thick plastic metal or aluminium is resistant to such conditions, making your chop last longer. 

Furthermore, you need to know who will be on duty and are authorized to mark a company chop on a document. Valid documents need to go through a crosscheck and validation process to avoid mistakes in documents that will be copied later. A chairman, director, manager, or head of a division can become the first layer of screening, hereinafter marked with a company chop.