Did you know that you can transform your name cards into stickers to make them more effective and boost your business to the top? 

If you have not heard about them, these business card stickers are the same as the traditional ones, with the only difference that they can be pasted anywhere. 

In this way, they provide all the benefits of name cards and stickers. That's brilliant, don't you think? 

But there is still much more that we can learn about them. Find some things you probably didn't know about name card stickers here. 

They Allow Creativity. 

One of the biggest advantages of a name card sticker is that they are versatile and give room for creativity. The brands or companies that use them can let their imagination run wild and create eye-catching name cards adapted to their objectives. 

Moreover, as another of their benefits, name cards can be personalized in all aspects, including shape, design, and much more. 

The most successful companies in the industry have found creative ways to get people's attention with their unique and fun stickers.  

The distribution strategy is also relevant. Some brands and companies leave stickers on the ground that stick to the shoes' soles when people step on them. Then the person removes the tag and finds an important message there. That's amazing! 

Remember that creativity levels are infinite and that you can do anything you want!