They Support Other Marketing Campaigns. 

Brands and companies can use name card stickers as marketing campaigns on their own. However, they can also help other marketing and advertising campaigns in different ways. 

You can place the link to your website or your social media profiles on the sticker. When you hand them out, people will be able to take note of those details. 

In this way, you can significantly increase your online traffic! Some companies have also created attractive stickers that they offer to subscribers to newsletters or something similar to get contact information for potential customers. 

Again, there are many ways you can use them to help other marketing campaigns. You only have to be creative and find the best way to incorporate them! 

Open co-branding opportunities. 

Name card stickers can also open up co-branding opportunities for your business. 

In co-branding, everyone wins as it generally involves two different non-competitor venues working together to promote each other's brand. Some examples are coffee shops that offer stickers from bookstores or electronics stores. 

Those outlets have a basket with sticker printing promoting the store next door. In return, the neighboring store provides another way to market the cafe, such as displaying its menu at the front desk, for example. 

You can create great alliances using your name card stickers. 

Final thoughts. 

Name card stickers are very versatile and have characteristics that many probably do not know but can be of great help for their brands and companies' growth. 

Do you want to design yours? Hire a reputable agency and get the most out of these incredible tools!