Increasing your brand awareness is part of marketing strategy. This makes your brand well-known to a lot of people. Animation can be effective and innovative to engage audiences and captivate them with storytelling. Animated videos have become a great way of marketing strategy. If you want to try this way, make sure that you create interesting animated videos. 

Avoid these things if you want to make animated videos for commercial purposes. 

Long Duration 

The purpose of the commercial is to attract customers. But if customers feel annoyed with ad videos that are too long, this will actually create a bad brand image. People most likely pay attention only to the first few seconds of an ad video. So make sure your message deliver effectively. 30 seconds actually enough for an ad. Short animated videos are great as long as you make sure your audience will click on them. 

Bad Music 

Music and sound effect are crucial for a video. Choosing bad music that can’t fit your entire video can be worst. A well-picked sound effect can exhilarate your animated videos. It is like bring your video to life. Find the uplifting background music. You can also use voice-over to give some information about your brand. Make sure your voice sounds friendly and pleasant.