Doesn’t Fit Your Brand 

Not everything can fit your brand. Choose the right stunning animation for your brand. You can create a character that represents your brand. Most successful advertising campaign in Singapore using Iconic animated videos. If your product is used by adults, try to create videos that are simple and minimalist. But if your product is used by kids or teenagers, create videos with playful vibes. 

Too Much Visual 

A visual component in a video is important. A clear and fascinating visual is great. Don’t put too many icons that can distract the main character on your video. Design your iconic character that undoubtedly deserves a spot. Create simple animated videos that sufficient to raise your brand awareness. If people like your videos it will make higher engagement. 

Animated videos have been around since the last decade. It has been proved that using animation for commercial will improve profit increasingly faster. Animated videos are fun and enjoyable, no wonder it has tremendous effect for business. 

Some of the things above have explained the things you should avoid if you want to use animated videos. So now you can create an animated video for your brand and it's ready for commercial use. Good luck with your business!