Which of The Stamping Technique Is The Best? 

Certain people prefer using stamping blocks while the rest using stamping presses or wood block stamps. Do not put stamp into the ink, rather apply the ink into the stamp.

Apply the ink evenly and it should be too thin. This is the best stamping technique.

Press on stamp on any paper you choose, at a suitable place and press it firmly downwards, smoothening it back and font.

Applying even pressure will give effective image, instead of rocking it. If you smear the stamp it can cause uneven printing and smears. 

Is Ink The Only Substance You Can Use For Stamping? 

Not really. Even though the general ink is the main inking substance 'marker inks' can be an efficient ink for stamping. It is a material the dries fast. Ensure that you operate fastly with stamp since the ink can dry up. 

What Do You Do When There Are Lines Next To The Image You Stamped? 

The way to prevent these lines is to wash stamps after use. These lines are caused by the ink at the stamp's base. Avoid pressing down with too much pressure. Do not rock the stamp front and back when stamping. 

How Can You Clean Rubber Stamps? 

Wipe with an alcohol free solution. Avoid using water and soap. You can buy stamp cleaning products like Decor Ink Cleaner sold by Prince. Rubber stamps are to be cleaned and preserved for later use.

Cleaning up yourprecious rubber stamp will give a decent stamp when you stamp. Also clean your rubber stamps after use.