From the foundation to the roof's ridge: a lot of manual work by specialists is necessary before the building is finished. With your craft vocational training, you are not only qualified to actively participate in building construction, civil engineering, or expansion.  

You can also build your own existence. You can find out which milestones you have to set if you want to start your own business in the construction industry. You can place poster printing on streets to promote your business.

Professional Requirements 

The craft regulations stipulate which admission restrictions exist for craft professions. You can read in detail how the master craftsman's obligation is generally regulated and which crafts belong to the professions that require or do not require authorization on our page on the master craftsman's obligation.  

Depending on your professional qualifications, you can become self-employed with construction work - here are a few examples: 

Founding Construction Companies With Master's Degree 

If, for example, you start your own business with a roofing, scaffolding, or dry construction company in the building trade, you must prove that you have a degree as a master craftsman.

The same applies if you want to open your own business as a bricklayer, concrete worker, roofer, or carpenter. 

Establishing A Construction Company Without A Master's Degree 

Among other things, there is no master craftsman's duty for screed and tilers. This means that you can set up a building trade company to offer these activities, even without a master craftsman's degree. 

You also have the option of founding a construction company that does not itself offer any construction work that is reserved for a craftsman with a master's degree.  

You may not erect any buildings, but you can renovate the inside and outside: For example, you can carry out dry construction work with your newly founded company or remove the core from houses and then renovate them.

In addition, jobs in gardening and landscaping are possible without a master's degree.