Exceptions To The Master Craftsman's Obligation In The Building Trade 

Would you like to work in a building trade that requires approval and does not have a master's degree? Do not let yourself be put off by the master craftsman's obligation.  

Alternatively, you can act as a managing director in your new construction company and hire a technical operations manager. In this way, you can work as a classic building contractor, plan buildings and carry out the construction. 

Register Your Business 

Finally, the next step is to complete the business registration for your construction company.

To do this, present your craft card at the trade office of your city or municipality and apply for your construction trade to be included in the trade register.  

After this bureaucratic hurdle, your company starts rolling: The trade office informs the tax office, the employers' liability insurance association, and other authorities about your independence in the building trade. 

Define The Scope of Activity of The Construction Company 

To market your business easier, you have to narrow down your scope. It can be: 

  • Residential buildings with a maximum of two residential units and 200 square meters of living space 
  • Single-story commercial buildings with a maximum gross floor area of ​​200 square meters and a wall height of three meters 
  • Smaller agricultural buildings in building classes 1 to 3 up to a maximum of 200 square meters of a gross area on the ground floor as well 
  • Garages with a maximum floor space of 200 square meters