Clear Stickers: 

Water and oil-resistant stickers are often used to advertise businesses, window signs, and major events. Clear stickers are typically printed on premium weatherproof vinyl and can be die-cut into any form. They can also be UV-coated for added abrasion resistance. 

Die Cut Stickers: 

These are specifically cut to the design's outline and can be adhered to any smooth board, indoors or out. You can make them in any scale, form, or quantity you choose. Die-cut stickers are resistant to scratches, moisture, and sunlight. The stickers have limitless customization options, so you can use them in your offerings as they are perfect for both company advertising and personal branding.  

Photo Stickers: 

Customers may use their favourite pictures to create stickers that can be used for advertising purposes. Most photo stickers are made of vinyl and can be applied to mugs, wine bottles, lockers, tablets, the freezer, invitation envelopes, and other surfaces. Furthermore, they adhere strongly but cleanly, which may be one of the selling points for your business.  

Bumper Stickers: 

This is used to reach a wide number of users with a tweet. Any bumper sticker is made of waterproof vinyl and can be completely customized.  

You must also consider what kind of crowd you want to market sticker printing too. You have the option of selling them to both other companies and individuals.

Profits are better made by allowing companies to make personalized sticker sheets and market them at wholesale rates. Buyers will return to you if they deem the job to be consistent.