Do you know what a 3D printer is? Yes, nowadays 3D printers are widely used by small companies to large companies to make a product. In fact, there are also many individuals who own 3D printers just because they want to, and they do something about it. 3D printer itself is as the name implies, a printer that can print a 3D object. not 2d on paper which is commonplace people do for printing or photocopying documents. while 3D printing is a process where the material is printed layer by layer, to create a three-dimensional object. This printed object is a file that can come from CAD, Cam, or a 3D scanner and convert it into a physical object. 


If you ask, is 3D printing even printing in the first place? Well, it can be considered as printing as we all know. Even though some definition of regular printing does not fit the 3D, but still, the definition itself should be extended to the fabrication or the creation of a three-dimensional object. Just like various printers, 3D printing uses a variety of technologies. One of the most common is fused deposition modelling or simply FDM. People who are in the field of 3D printing also usually call it fused filament fabrication or FFF. 


Okay, let's get technical for a second, in a filament, contains acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS, as well as polylactic acid (PLA), and materials with thermoplastic properties that are liquefied, then piped into a heated extrusion nozzle. It will then 'mold' it layer by layer. Another technology that is also used in a 3D printing process is stereolithography. In the process, a UV laser is 'fired' at a light-sensitive photopolymer. Tracing the object that will be made on the surface first. After that, the polymer will undergo a solidification process caused by light and waves hitting it. The beam will print objects layer by layer according to the instructions obtained from the CAD or CAM file you are using. 


There is a more technical explanation you can watch on YouTube or so, but so far, you get the basics, we shall continue then. Do you know when was the first 3D printers came out? It was in the 1990s that the 3D printer comes to the market by the company called Stratasys. With the help of IBM, they release the printer to consumers, schools, and people in general who did interest in that thing. 


Do you know who invented 3D printing? The genius was Charles W. Hull who discovered it in the 1980s. The first time he used the method previously mentioned, namely stereolithography. In 1986, Hull established 3D systems, a company that now sells 3D printers with its various technologies. The use of 3D printers itself ranges from entry-level to advanced manufacturing needs for a larger commercial system. If you buy one of their 3D printers or 3D printers in general, make sure they also provide on-demand service as well as parts that can be supplied quickly. Mostly, these 3D printing services are used by large businesses.