Numerous decisions that affect many different aspects must be made on three levels. The following questions should give you an initial overview of the challenges and perspectives of successful personal branding strategies.  

They help you to develop the foundation for your own personal marketing. 

Level 1: Personal Competence 

  • In which professional area/specialist area am I active? 
  • What experience do I have? 
  • Where do I want to position myself? Do I have clear subject areas? 
  • How do I rate my skills as ....? 
  • What goals and times do I have? 
  • What is my budget? 

Level 2: Inner Attitude and Personality 

  • How well can I assess my own strengths and weaknesses? How do I deal with criticism? 
  • Am I convinced of myself and my work? How do I appear to the outside world? 
  • Do I want to establish myself as a brand? 
  • Am I open to new things, and do I have the courage to experiment? 
  • What unique ideas do I have for a public appearance? What expectations and fears? 

Level 3: The Media 

  • How do I assess my usage behavior in the field of new media? 
  • Do I want to get involved in new experiences and use new communication strategies? 
  • Do I have the technical know-how? 
  • How much time do I want to spend on personal branding? How much time do I have for networking, topic research, writing, and publishing articles? 

Personal branding is a challenge - professionally and personally. Therefore, it is essential to develop a strategy with clearly defined goals and wishes that correspond to professional requirements and personal expectations right from the start.  You can also have some handy equipemnt, for example, a self ink stamp to help you in your work.

The professional environment and fundamental skills play just as important a role as realistic self-assessment and knowledge of one's own strengths, weaknesses, and hopes, which should be fulfilled through successful self-marketing.