3 Things to Remember To Achieve a Professional Name Card Look


As a professional, getting a beautifully designed name card is a valued advantage. Name card in Singapore is a basic tool that serves as a gateway to open several doors of opportunities as you strive to build profitable business partnerships with different individuals in your industry or profession, after all. Without it, it will be difficult to be deemed as a professional.


When trying to make your own name card, there are a few things to bear in mind in order to make sure that the quality of the card is good. Also, it is to make sure that it is interesting enough to leave a good impact on the receiver, which could be a client or potential business partner.


1. The Kind of Paper for Printing

First, decide on what kind of paper stock that you are going to use to make your name card.


It is important to choose a high-quality paper stock, even though it is a bit more costly.  You may select from a variety of different types of paper stock for name card printing, each with its own set of qualities. It is strongly recommended that you use heavyweight paper or premium quality paper, which is heavier than regular paper. 


Lightweight paper, on the other hand, is also appropriate. But it has lower quality and durability. Even so, it does not mean that it is not acceptable.  


There are also a variety of texture choices and paper colours to pick from. You can choose another colour aside from white, for example. Paper with ivory colour can add a little spice and spark uniqueness.  You can even choose bolder colours, like blue or pink.


Choosing one of these will make a significant difference in the look of your project.  Since the paper is already coloured, you can save ink by not having to print out the background colour. But remember, always make rational decisions and keep the budget in mind. There is no need to overly push yourself to make a name card that requires more cost than the available money.


2. Use Vibrant Colours

It can be frustrating to choose a colour for your name card. At the very least, please note that vivid colours stand out, and having a bold hue will make it easy for you to be recognized. Darker shades, such as black, are also suitable depending on what kind of industry you are in or what kind of image you want to give off.


There are no particular limitations when it comes to picking a colour for your name card as long as you can strike a fair balance between the background and text colours, maintaining them in contrast to ensure readability. You must also verify that the colours you choose are colours that accurately reflect you, your brand, or the company that you are representing. 


Remember that people can get affected by the colours of your choice, so choose wisely.


3. Printing Finishes

Choosing the correct kind of finish will help you achieve not only a better-looking name card but also greater consistency and durability. 


Coating or even laminating the name card will increase its resistance to moisture, ripping, folding, crumpling, and other possible damage to the card. It is particularly beneficial if you use a lightweight paper stock for your name card printing because it will last longer and look better. You will make your name card seem more glamorous and luxurious than it really is by picking the correct finishes, and you can make a lasting impact on the receiver.