4 Crucial Tips and Tricks to Make an Outstanding Name Card

The most popular use of a name card is to show yourself and your business to another company. Many people are unaware, though, that it can even be used as a marketing tactic. A name card is a must-have piece for any brand representative because it is both lightweight and affordable. A well-designed name card increases the likelihood of acquiring new clients and consumers. Designing for name card printing has no limitations. Deciding on a suitable concept can be challenging at times. Many people will want to make their name card stand out by using an overly complicated style.

In fact, however, simplicity is still the best option. If done correctly, a minimalist design can have a big impact while still conveying the right image of your company.

So, here are some useful tips that you can try.

1. Include only the important information
With the details on your name card, a prospective client or buyer should be able to quickly recognize who you are and deduce the essence of what you offer. All should be kept plain, including the company logo, name, contact information, and maybe a short tagline. Don't overcrowd your name card with detail that isn't appropriate, misleading, or distracting from the main point.

2. Visibility-increasing finishes
You should aim to make the focal point of your card pop to add to your minimalist look. This can be accomplished in a variety of forms, including embossing. Instead of having to print the card in full-colour, use a coloured paper to print on. To stress the strong point, keep the elements basic and the colours contrasting. The receiver of your card will be drawn to the highlighted feature in this manner.

3. Paper of good quality
Change the paper's standard to a better one. The appearance of premium, thicker papers would be enhanced. If at all necessary, go for a textured one for an extra elegant touch. But make sure it's discreet and not too overwhelming.

Finishes like embossing can look better on thicker premium paper, and the finished product's appearance may improve. With the correct style and colour and material options, the card will appear polished and elegant.

4. Enhance readability
You should be able to leave more room in your card if you keep the content and design straightforward. This gives you the option of using bigger font size to improve readability. Keep in mind that there is a graphic hierarchy in which the name should be larger than the rest of the facts in order to make the right impression on the recipient's mind.
For added impact, use a specific font style, but don't use one that is excessively built to the point of being difficult to read. Make sure it is legible and doesn't become a source of eye strain.

Now that you know the basic tips and tricks of creating a great name card, why don't you make one today? And don't forget to have it printed in Kiasu Print for best results.