Tips for Beginners in Logo Design in Singapore


If you own a business, sure you would love a great-looking logo. There are many ways to create a logo, and you can put your utmost creativity into it. But sometimes people end up looking wrong or not as good and effective as it should be.

So, let's learn how you can make a properlogo design in Singaporeeven though you are a beginner.


1. Try to experiment with a template

As a beginner, it is okay to start with a template. A template helps you by giving the foundation of what you should design. However, it is not very original and there is a chance that you might encounter a similar logo because other people can use this template too. The template logo should only be used by small businesses at its early stage. Eventually, you will have to learn how to make a unique and impressive logo for your brand so that the branding impact will be stronger and more lasting.


2. Choose colours that represent your brand

Colours play a huge role in the design of a logo. It creates a certain impression and can even affect people's emotions as they see it. So, you have to thoroughly think about what kind of colours you want to use for your logo and why. The brainstorming process for this should be done also for other branding elements so that you can have cohesive brand guidelines.


3. Keep the design simple

Standing out does not equal making the design complicated. A simple yet memorable design can still make you stand out very well among other competitors in the market. In fact, simple design is easier to be imprinted anywhere, whether digitally or traditionally. Take a look at Apple, Nike, and others alike, for example. Their designs are very simple, minimalistic, and even flat, but very recognizable. As a result, the products with their logo embellished on them appear cool. In fact, the logo can add value to their products.


4. Golden ratio

It is advisable to learn about the golden ratio for design. Even though a logo might seem simple, they actually use the golden ratio so that they can appeal well to the eyes of customers. The golden ratio has a certain measure that you must somehow be able to implement in the design of a logo.


5. Don't dismiss negative space

Keeping a decent amount of negative space in the design of your logo is important. You can utilize negative space to make your logo more meaningful and less crowded. There needs to be a lot of creativity poured into this, so practising is the only way to be able to get it right.


6. Consider a graphic designer

If it is too difficult for you to make your logo design, it is a good choice to hire a graphic designer's service. They are professionals who can help you brainstorm and come up with a design that suits your brand. Of course, this process will cost you more money. But you will get a decent logo that can help your brand earn more in the long term.