Social media is a place for numerous information and content. Because of that, social media is a perfect place for business to share their offers. And that is why, today, having social media account is a must for a business!  

We mentioned earlier that an abundance of information and contents can be found on social media. But with so many contents and information, how do you make your content stand out and catch the attention of social media users? 

Actually, there are various ways to make the content stand out and have the power to attract people's attention. One of them is through the design of your social media content.  

Design is essential since most of us are visual being. That is why to grab people's attention, having good-designed content is needed. But how to create well-designed content? Any tips for those who don't have much experience in design? 

Yes, there are a few tips that we will share with you. So, here are some of them!   

1. Make Your Design Align with Your Brand Identity  

For your social media content, you can create various things from videos to photos. But the first tip we recommend that you do with your content is to curate your content so that it aligns with your brand. But what to do to make the content align with the brand? Here are a few tips for you! 

  • You need to know that each colour has a different meaning. Therefore, you should choose several colours that can reflect or represent the personality of your brand. 
  • Not only colours that can represent a brand's personality, because typography also can do the same. So, choose typography that reflects your brand.  
  • Also, don't forget to always include your brand logo to strengthen people’s awareness of your business or brand!