2. Remember that You Have Limited Space or Time 

You have lots of idea in your mind and you think to put all of them in your social media content. Yes, you can do what you want with your content. But, keep in mind, some social media have their own rules and limits about the content you can upload on them. For instance, if you want to create content for Instagram stories, you must know that each story can be made up to a maximum of 15 seconds. So, as you will find that you only have limited space or time to design your social media content, only include the most important or vital information on your content. Plus, you must use limited space and time on your content wisely!  

3. The Power of Contrast 

To make your content stand out and easy for your audience to notice, you need to apply contrast to your content design. Actually, the contrast has the power to make particular elements, especially the most important one, of your design stand out and different from others. You can add contrast to your design by making some elements size bigger or smaller, using different colours and also different shapes.