Every story should have an amazing plotline and strong characters to keep the readers interested from one edition to the other. If you know how to use literary devices, then it is most likely that everyone will be waiting to know what comes next. But how does art cover take part in all of this? It is the readers’ first impression towards your story, and that is how they will convince themselves that they must read it at all costs. Know how to catch their attention through the art cover! 

1. Think of All the Elements You Want to Use! 

It is very important that you think of all the elements you will have to display on your cover to know where each one should be positioned. It should at least have a logo, a title and subtitle which catches the readers’ attention, the author’s and publisher’s names, date of publication, series and episode number and the name of the artists and designers which helped during the art process. Determine the place and size of each element too! 

2. Decision Time! 

Brainstorm and debate on which ideas could work for your comic. Remember art cover may set the mood and tone of the whole book, so keep that in mind while deciding if your cover should be a colorful one or just use a simpler and monotone template. Experiment with the fonts you would like to use and decide which ones communicates best the tone of the story. Play with illustration, use different styles to find the one that fits best. Are they attractive enough to make the readers want to read the story?