4. Avoid Cluttered Images 

This is not just a tip, it’s a must. Taking care that the images are not cluttered with elements is very important, especially when adding text over it. Everyone wants to have eye-catching wallpapers but they should not interfere with the message or story you want to tell. You can use cute, eye-catching and clear landscapes as wallpapers! 

5. Be as Creative As You Can 

The wallpapers do not escape the trends of graphic design. That’s why you should study very well how you will design yours so that it adapts to what people want. The 90s seem to be back! So, you could try using gradients. 

The color transitions, described as gradual combinations from one color to another, are visually appealing and can be used either as a standalone wallpaper or overlaid on another photo. They are versatile and beautiful! 

Final Thoughts. 

Regardless of how you use your wallpaper, you must take care of its design. If you want to do it on your own, you can follow these tips! But, if you think it is very complicated, the best option is to hire a specialist. Look for the best one! 

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