To get the dream wedding, it is necessary to pay close attention to many important details, such as the guest list, the wedding site, the date, the food, the music, and even the wedding cards. 

As we have mentioned on other occasions, invitation cards are a letter of introduction that marks the style of the wedding. For this reason, it is important to be patient and make the best possible decision regarding the design of the invitation card.  

Vintage invitation cards are a good alternative to convey a classic yet elegant style. It is difficult for couples to go wrong if they opt for vintage designs and patterns.  

Resorts to "Romantic" cuts 

In the vintage genre, there are different types of cuts and designs that couples can choose from for their invitation cards. However, one of the cuts that never fails and always looks good is the "romantic" cut.  

With this type of cut, classic card sizes and shapes are used. Also, this type of cutting is characterized by well-crafted calligraphy from the 1920s to the 1950s. Beautiful vintage calligraphy is printed in light-toned colors. The messages are usually accompanied by a poem or romantic phrase.  

Within the vintage world, do not hesitate to innovate 

Although the vintage style is very particular, you can innovate within this genre, through original ideas. The wedding cards should be as unique as each couple that is getting married, for this reason, we recommend you to innovate within the vintage genre. 

In recent years a new trend has developed within the vintage world, which uses different watercolor techniques to bring designs, patterns, and text to life on cards. Watercolor designs convey creativity and at the same time respect the classic characteristics of the vintage genre.  

Likewise, with the watercolor technique, beautiful results can be obtained in terms of color combination. With this kind of technique, the vintage style evolves, manifesting flashes of the bohemian style.  

Use the Right Paper 

To design vintage cards correctly, it is necessary to use the right paper. For this kind of style, it is recommended to use aged paper, such as parchment paper. Although it is a delicate type of paper, it is a very durable paper that can be adapted to different printing and cutting techniques.  

With this kind of paper, messages can be written with beautiful calligraphy in the style of a manuscript. However, you can also use cotton paper to plan vintage designs. 

Accompany invitations with other accessories 

High quality wedding  invitation card should always be accompanied by other accessories such as cases or decorative ribbons. The vintage style is also characterized by its delicacy; therefore, it is necessary to use other accessories to complement the cards.  

You can use envelopes with vintage prints to protect the invitation cards. You can also use illustrations from any vintage period to give more personality to the wedding cards, especially if they are made with parchment paper. For an extra touch, you can also resort to different fruity or floral fragrances to give an extra touch to the invitation cards.