Do not forget that the text, pattern, and image on the background of your design may result in a loss of text, pattern, and graphics after printing due to low opacity or near color values with background colors. 

Do not forget that the hard-to-see text, symbol, and icon on the screen could be seen much harder after printing, and even holds the danger of not looking good. 

Making Sure the Background and Text are in Color Contrast 

Your text on the ground would be matching color-combining and complementary colors such as orange, yellow, and purple, for example. Feel free to use these colors in an entertaining and colorful style. However, you should cohesively use these colors, otherwise, your design can turn out to be incompatible and hard to understand. 

If the ground color and the text/image on it are the same or identical colors, make sure that the tone difference between them is at least 10%. 

Framed Design for Used Fonts 

If you believe your texts are not readable and your background color is not clear, you can make the text easy to read with white framed letters. However, if you have a situation that leaves your eyes exhausted and difficult to read, you can select a darker color for the frame color. Your designs would also be much more legible. 

In short, graphic design service is not just about putting random letters on an already designed pretty poster printing or just a plain background. Graphic design is composed of balance, combination, and as well as technical knowledge, particularly for differences between digital and printed graphic design services.