Useful Tips to Design and Print Stickers Properly


If you are looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your company promotion, printing stickers in Singapore for your marketing campaign is a great option. A sticker is fantastic because it is both flexible and inexpensive.


If you know how to design it yourself, you might try making your own sticker design. Since a sticker's design is the most important aspect in assessing its usefulness, you should take it very seriously. If you aren't comfortable making stickers, you should hire someone who is, even if it means paying extra for their services.


Stickers may be sold, given as freebies, or distributed in combination with other marketing items like brochures and flyers. It has the ability to highlight the most interesting facts and ensure that people pay attention to them. That's just one of the many perks of using a sticker. 



To know how to properly design a sticker, read on below.


1. Uncomplicated Design

You are mistaken if you assume that simplistic templates are unappealing and counterproductive. It's best to stick to an easy-to-understand style when it comes to design. Many people make the error of designing complicated elements for their sticker style, which just serves to make it appear cluttered and bad. Keep in mind that the sticker does not have too many words or text on it.

Keep it brief and simple, just provide the most important information, and the rest can be found in brochures or leaflets that you can hand out with the sticker.


2. Create a One-of-a-kind Shape

You can now create a wide variety of sticker shapes using die-cutting. It has the power to make nearly any imaginable design come true. You'll have a greater chance of leaving an impact on the people who get your card if you use stickers that are specially shaped. But keep in mind that you can't just make a form up on the spot. This shape should be fitting and important to the workplace so that customers can more easily recognize and identify it with the business.


3. Make Sure It Can Be Read Easily

People also ignore the fact that some of the stickers they produce are difficult to read due to poor font selection, texture, and background colour. Colour contrast should be considered when choosing colours for stickers or other products. The sun should be in the dark and vice versa. Last but not least, avoid highly stylized fonts. And if the font has a lot of contrast, if it's too difficult to read, the message will never hit the intended recipient.


4. Use CMYK Colours

Are you familiar with the words CMYK and RGB? In the printing world, they are simple colour combinations that are mixed to make new ones. So, what's the difference between them?


To blend and make new shades, CMYK colours use cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. RGB, on the other hand, only uses red, green, and blue. The problem is that if your design software and printer use different colour blends, colour inaccuracies will appear when printed. Often note to configure the colour mode to the same as your printer, which is CMYK (cyan, magenta, purple, and black). You will be able to make a better design that is more accurate in printing results this way.