2. The Right Layout 

According to various types of social media, the layout will be different. The layout here is the layout of the information content that you provide. For example, when you want to upload a one-page e-flyer content containing tips. The information layout and images that you include on the flyer need to be neatly arranged. It is necessary to see the title, description/explanation, picture, cover, and others. 

3. Well-Chosen Typography 

Selection of typography types, fonts to be used need to consider several things such as thickness, readability, and versatility. The thickness of the letters is used in an affirmation word or sentence. The overall readability also depends on what type of font you are using. Fonts like Helvetica, Lato, and Arial fonts are commonly used. These fonts are easy to read and versatile, which can be used in most writing themes. 

4. A White Space and Lines 

White space is used in a written or image information so that the reader's eyes don't get tired quickly. It seems to give pause on any information to be digitized first, and then continue to see further information. 

Those are the tips you need to follow when it comes to making a neat design. Create now!