Most likely, you already know what a company chop is, right? Closely related to the legal process in an organization or company. Also, each company has one type of company chop in use. Maybe it would be different if the company had subsidiaries or various other departments, they would have their respective company chops. 

As previously mentioned, this company chop plays an important role in the legalization and validation of an official company document. Usually, when the document is to be sent to another company, or for other legal purposes, it is necessary to include a company chop in it. It is the same as the signature of a department head, or any other part of the board of directors which is important to have on a document. 

Are you going to make a company chop very soon? You should know the tips in this article. 

1. Prep The design  

The thing you need first is to prepare your design. Design in this case means you need to design a logo and writing that will be on the company chop. You can use the services of a design department that you might have. Or if not, you can use a graphic designer. Next, you bring the design to a chop maker such as Singapore company chop. Be details on how you communicate how you want the company chop to be made. This will minimize errors and mistakes in the company chop which of course you need to avoid. 

2. Include Essentials Only 

Along with the design process, you also need to put only important information. Why is that? This is because company chops have limited space which will be sufficient for logos and writing. This article also only uses a little space, mostly your company / organization name. This second point is aimed at making the document screening process faster. The person checking only needs to see the logo and writing, and they should know right away from which company the documents came from.

3. Pick the Best Materials 

Company chop will be used for a fairly long period of time. For as long as the company exist. So, you want the chops to be in a good shape every time it's used. To achieve this, you should choose the best material possible to be durable enough for such a long time. You can consult this with the printing shop, for references, the handle can be made from plastic, aluminium, wood, or a combination of the mentioned materials. 

4. Keep It Somewhere Safe 

Keep your company chop at room temperature and free from moisture. This will extend the life of your company chop. Besides, it will be easy for you when you want to use it and avoid mistakes when using it in a document. 

5. Personnel Only 

Company chop is not a stationery office that can be used by just anyone. Only people who have special interests and are assigned to use this it. You don't want company chops to fall into irresponsible hands, because this will cause problems. 

Those are the tips you can do when creating a company chop, and after you have it.