When designing t-shirts, there are certain things to consider, these are the tips for designing t-shirts. Your users are the main people to consider in designing t-shirts. Who are you designing this t-shirt for? This post tells you the tips for designing t-shirts. The tips below. 

Sketch it out 

This is the first stage in designing t-shirts. First sketch out how you want this t-shirts to be. This will give you a kind of preliminary outlook. 


Imagination is a crucial part of design. Imagine how this t-shirt would be on the user. How would this t-shirt be on the user? What will this t-shirt look like on the user? 

Simplicity and detailing 

Simplicity is crucial in t-shirt design. Make it detailed too. When you see a masterpiece that is well executed on a t-shirt, it is awesome. Many of the classic t-shirts come with simplicity and you can add messages on those t-shirts. Simplicity and detailing help to promote the quality of a t-shirt. 

Research the market 

What market is this t-shirt meant for? Is this t-shirt for male or for a female? Design something suitable for the market. Conduct suitable research about the market for this product, before you start designing, so that you know the most suitable design for that market. Design something suitable for people to wear. Note the person or people the t-shirts are meant for, what they are fond, who they are and the kind of brands they can go for. 

Be subtle with humour 

When adding humour to a t-shirt, you don't intend it to be a joke t-shirt with a low-cost. Be subtle when introducing humour to a t-shirt. When you add humour appropriately on a t-shirt it can promote the t-shirt among people. 

Select suitable colours 

Select colours that are complementary and pick effective colours. Example if what you use is Adobe Illustrator, switch on Global Colours. The software is, among the most efficient for t-shirt design. Remember people are fond of various colours, so when designing t-shirts, blend the colours accordingly. Blending is crucial in t-shirt design. It has to do with how you can combine one colour with another. When colours are well-blended in t-shirt design, it gives an awesome outlook. 

Efficient artwork 

Prepare properly the artwork for the design. Pantone colours can be suitable when you are screen printing. It is suitable for expanding the strokes and the outlet text. Go for tutorials if you need them on softwares like Photoshop or Illustrator. 

Get a nice printer 

When you finish your design and do an efficient artwork, printing is next and you have to select a nice printer. Some companies offer printers like Hey Monkey or White Duck in the US and UK . Call your printer and choose relevant cost, labelling options, sizes and weight. 

Be trendy 

Know the trends in t-shirt industry. Which ones are the best designs in the market? Knowing the trends will help you know the best way to design your t-shirts for the market. Trends tell you a lot about t-shirts.