The expectations of social media are sometimes ridiculously high. Insane, mainly because the effort should be kept within limits. Sure, we all want the maximum result with a minimum of effort.  

Success in Social Media Shouldn't Cost Anything 

Every posting is incredible, but of course, profound! And serious! Every conversation a sales driver! Every contact an influencer or brand ambassador! 

The promises of salvation are significant and widespread, if only because there is hardly any other area meticulously focused on the return on investment as in social media. Press releases, printing press kits, phone calls, e-mails - questioning the familiar is not necessarily the order of the day. 

Insufficient Assessment of the Change in Communication 

Dealing with platforms, services, and legal conditions is time-consuming. This is an obstacle for some to conquer digital space. Not every employer thinks so far ahead to give their employees time to familiarize themselves with social media. However, there is a lot to be said for taking the time for your training, even if it is private. Experience and knowledge of social media can already be found in job descriptions as a requirement.

Anyone who is thirty or forty years old now has thirty to forty years of professional life ahead of them. Social media is not a question of age - especially since the realization that so-called digital natives did not necessarily have an entrepreneurial approach to the Internet in the cradle. Here I often wonder about a lack of curiosity about something that significantly changes our communication and media usage behavior and our working environment. 

Word gets around that bloggers are not uninteresting as multipliers and opinion leaders on the Internet. The many posts on blogger relations are significant.  

And especially if the knowledge is not yet available in the company, the idea is to pay attention to precisely this qualification in the next employee. So, it should be in the self-interest of every press officer to deal with social media. 

Every Change is a Process 

The number of those who enthusiastically play the Internet, pick up or even create memes, blog, fearlessly network with others digitally, and meet previously unknown people from the Internet is still quite manageable.  

Every now and then, someone new comes along. Otherwise, the same groups will form again as always. 

There is a language of its own with traditional formulations, especially on Twitter. The famous filter bubble. #Fluff. At least in the best case.  

This can have an irritating or disturbing effect on newcomers, especially because adults, in particular, do not necessarily like to be "beginners" or "new" to something.  

This is quite a tough nut to crack for people who have previously had sovereignty in their profession and require a certain size. For some professionals in classic communication, however, it isn't easy to get involved in social media's relaxed and personal tone.