Printing t-shirts online to sell them involves certain measures. These are the tips that will help you to print efficiently online and sell to your customers. This post tells you the tips for printing t-shirts online. Your t-shirts are visible to one who visits the ecommerce platform, where you placed the t-shirts for online marketing. Certain tips help to make sure that you print according to the needs of your customers. Remember customers first when running an online printing business. There are many t-shirts online out there, but you can use print on demand to brand your t-shirts. You can make the t-shirts to communicate something to the one wearing it, by adding some messages, either in front of the t-shirt or at the back. The tips below will help you. 


Research is part of running an online printing business. Your research should help you identify the audience for your t-shirts. Consider these when researching. 

i) Note your audience 

This is a crucial part. Who are the shirts meant for? Who are the people that will wear the t-shirts? When you know your audience you will know the t-shirts for them. Apply these measures for identifying your audience. 

Find out what people want. You can do this with interviews or surveys to enable you identify your audience. 

- Get to know about brands that are making similar t-shirts. See the way they make their t-shirts and what measures they take. 

- Consider interests and passions and the ones that share them. These measures above will help you know your audience. When you know your audience, it will help you do the following: 

- Make the products marketable by tailoring and focusing designs. 

- Select the branding, colours, voice tone and proper language. 

- Find the best places for online marketing. 

- Research more brands and analyze them 

- Study brands and get to know about their efficiency. Find answers to these questions. What do they do right? How can they perform better? etc. Check out the best selling methods, customisation, humor examples and colour. 

Select a niche 

Pick a niche. Your niche helps to identify your brand. Find out the best niche by figuring out why you are making those t-shirts. Pick a niche that addresses the needs of your audience. What messages do your t-shirts send? Your niche has to do with your target audience. 

Begin the audience 

Starting the design. Be creative with it. Sketch it out first with textures, patterns and colours. You can use design templates that can help you design the t-shirts. 

Marketing methods 

How do you sell what you designed? Marketing methods like online store builder, online market places and print on demand sites are available. Examples of print on demand sites are Spreadshit, Teespubic etc. 

Storing and shipping 

Choosing a drop shipping service for t-shirts can help cut down shipping fees and courier engagements. Amazon is an example. 

Setting up your store 

Next is setting up your online store. Your online store is the place where people come to buy your products. Take decent photographs of your t-shirts, write descriptions of the product set prices.