It's Friday, and the weekend is just around the corner. If you don't want to spend all the time outside in this super summer weather, I have a few tips here and something to do to increase your productivity.  

These tips are handy for entrepreneurs and executive workers in common. Let's begin! 

Read Efficiently 

Anyone who has to process extensive reading material often will find what they are looking for at Stephan List in the tool blog. Advice books, in particular, can be pervasive and contain a lot of hot air and redundant examples. With the strategy of reading a book in 90 minutes, you will get value from the book in the shortest possible time. 

Introduce Kanban 

The introduction of new software or methods in a company is a process that is not without risk. What can go wrong with the introduction of Kanban in the company? You can find out here. And of course also practical help on how you can do it better. 

Marketing Tips every Friday 

Look forward to quick, practical tips about your marketing on the Internet. This time it shows how you can set jump marks in your YouTube videos - and what they are also suitable for. 

Repeat Trello cards 

Preparing sales tax, meeting every Monday, weekly editorial plan: you have set up a Trello card with all the bells and whistles (checklists, labels, allocation) for everything. How often do you need the same Trello card over and over? The Power-Up Card Repeater makes exact copies of your card at regular intervals. 

Accessible Websites 

Here's something especially for the web developers among us: Funkify is a tool with which you can simulate various handicaps in Chrome to check the behavior of your website in this case and optimize the accessibility of the page.  

In the free version, you have a few options, e.g., color defective vision type deuteranopia and lack of control of the mouse due to tremor. Other essential options such as viewing in bright sunshine, pure keyboard operation, and other ametropia are then available with the paid premium version—an excellent addition to WAVE. 

LibreOffice: Big Update 

Something else you can do on the weekend: LibreOffice has been released in version 7.0 and brings several innovations. Update it quickly or - if you don't even know the Open Source Office Suite - install it and try it out once. LibreOffice doesn't have to hide from its big competitor. 

Correct Self-Perception 

"I'm not smart enough," "I'm not fast enough"... Negative self-perception can be a significant hindrance to personal development. Here you can read where it often comes from, how you can get rid of it in a targeted manner, and how or why it can sometimes be useful. 

Have fun reading and implementing! Oh yes, if you have some time left, start planning for the next week! It is worth it.