One of the ways to create brand awareness is to design t-shirts. Entrepreneur and businesses etc can use this. However you have to know about design before you start designing. This post will tell how to choose designs for your t-shirts. Efficient design is crucial for your product. The following below are things to consider in design. 

Centred design 

If you are making use of a centred graphic, consider using a total area of 11" x 13". Your centred design should be within its boundary. Ensure that the neckline or collar falls to the place it should, by placing the design at a depth of 3" to 3.5" till it enters where it should be. 


Ensure that your design's top is up to 1" under the neckline. Vnecks and scoopnecks are relevant for various necklines. The process of printing has an offset of 1" to 2" through the neckline. Align the graphic 1" under the neckline. 

Placing pockets for t-shirts 

A lot of designers prefer making an effective but simple design for t-shirts using an image or logo which is placed on the pocket or left chest. Left chest design should be 5.5" to 8" under the shoulder seam and 4" to 6" across the centre of that t-shirt. Print out the area dimensions for the left chest of the designs for shirts for adults should be up to 3.5" by 3.5". 

Getting a design centre 

It might not be awesome to place a detailed fabric, particularly when the features display various elements that surround a graphic. Centre the design with focus on the central element. Note that for online design, use a guideline above the element and another by the side. Pick an object with marquee tool and then drag it to meet guidelines. This gives a ready T-shirt with a perfect centre. 

Designing Athletic t-shirts 

If you are designing athletic designs, placing logos can be different for dry filters and basketball jerseys. Example position team names on an angle which depends on preference. Place the information of the sponsor to display local sponsors and design t-shirts. This will display the number and name of the player. 

Maximising options for placement 

You can add more placement options. You can give customers various options for placement. Example you are making a gorgeous design that displays a short quote across a linear and simple design. You design with words like 'Happy Campar' about the line to look like a vintage camper. Do not think that the t-shirts is awesome by using centred and oversized measures. Add stylish features on the shirt's left side. Use placement options and design size to check out the ones the customers can respond to. 

Adhere to guidelines recommended when placing and sizing to give the apparel a lasting and professional outlook. 

Conduct research on design 

Certain people prefer certain design of t-shirts. A particular set of people wears a particular kind of t-shirt. Find out the kind of t-shirt suitable for your audience and the stylish design that they can go for.