Logos are essential in order to make your business recognized. If you are looking to design a custom-made logo sticker, then you probably need to read this. Besides having useful tools to work with, there are some decisions that you should take into account during the process such as size, colors, or the design itself. Get creative and let your artistic side take over to make an amazing sticker that makes you want to stick it anywhere!  

1. Plan the design. 

At first, this may be difficult, but it is a very necessary step to have some clear ideas on how you want your sticker to look. It should be something that creates impact and catches the attention of anyone how sees it right away. Remember that this logo will then turn into printing stickers. Brainstorming probably will help you with this part. Try to think out of the box! 

2. Choose a color palette.  

Colors give a strong message because it could evoke feelings on those who see it and it makes them remember the logo or the brand. For example, we relate green to nature and red makes us think of love, so the color scheme is something that you must consider during the first draft. Maybe try to stick with just one or two colors and work until you find something you like. 

2. Decide on the font you want to use. 

This is not a decision that should be taken lightly. While designing the perfect logo, keep in mind that typefaces sometimes can give personality to the brand and that it may later turn into something important. Pick a font that you feel it may suit the brand and it will add value to the logo. You may have to think on how to make it both stylish and unforgettable! 

4. Sometimes simple is better. 

With all the designing softwares that are available online now, the options might seem endless. Do not try everything to fit into one logo design and just choose whatever you think is suitable for the brand. Try alternatives and be flexible because changes are expected during the whole design process. Combine different things and look which one looks best! 

5. Fitting for every size. 

The logo is the face of every brand or business and that is why printing stickers are everywhere we go! The design you chose is going to be printed and displayed on different surfaces and it should look good on every one of them. Consider that stickers are printed in diverse sizes, so try not to make a complex design which will not look nice once it is printed.